Nu Class


Irene#37 Irene “RepubliK” Kan
Spring 2008
Comparative Literature, Politics 2011
Anita “Kalumix” Lewis Lambda Lambda
Ruby “Irisence” Shiang Lambda Pi
Favorite Quote
Earth’s the right place for love.Robert Frost
Other Organizations:
Cavalier Daily Managing Editor (2010 – 2011); Cavalier Daily Assistant Managing Editor (2009 – 2010)
Positions Held:
Council Representative (Spring – Fall 2009, Spring 2010); Alumnae Chair (Fall 2009, Fall 2010); Parliamentarian (Spring 2009); Social Chair (2009)

Nita#38 Nita “Chai” Avary
Crossed: Spring 2008
Status: Alumna
Major: Biology 2011
Ethnicity: Laotian
Big: Nicole “Apricot” Oandasan Lambda Mu
Little: Trang “Camellia” Thai Lambda Xi
Favorite Quote: You can love me or hate me; I wear it won’t make me or break me.Lil Wayne
Happiness depends upon ourselves. -Aristotle
Other Organizations: VSA (2007 – 2009); Habitat for Humanity (2008); UPC Marketing Committee (2008 – 2009); Madison House Tutoring (2009); ESL Tutoring (2009); Mahogany Dance Troupe (2009); VISAS Language Consultant (2009);  Madison House CASH Program Volunteer (2008 – 2010); Madison House Program Director (2010 – 2011);  Charlottesville Community Food Project Financial Advisor, Designer (2010 – 2011)
Positions Held: President (Fall 2010); Vice President (2009 – 2010); Publicity Chair (Fall 2008, Spring 2009); Alumnae Chair (Spring 2009)

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