Mu Class

#35 Nicole “Apricot” Oandasan
CrossedFall 2007
Status: Alumna
Major: East Asian Studies 2008
Ethnicity: Chinese-American & Cherokee
Big: Pei Ming “Papaya” Tang Lambda Lambda
Little: Nita “Chai” Avary Lambda Nu
Favorite Quote: “All things appear and disappear because of the concurrence of causes and conditions. Nothing ever exists entirely alone; everything is in relation to everything else. -Buddha
Other Organizations: Japan Club Historian (2007 – 2008); CSA, HKSA, Baking and Pastry Arts Association President (2007); Madison House ESOL, Girl Scouts, Language House Council
Positions Held: Rush Chair (Spring 2008); Cultural/Educational Chair (Spring 2008); Webmistress

#36 Serena “Usagi” Yang
Crossed: Fall 2007
Status: Alumna
Major: Biochemistry 2008
Ethnicity: Chinese
Big: Sonya “XrissA” Kobe Lambda Lambda 
Sibling: Vivien “Xtraordinaire” Bui-Huynh Lambda Xi
Favorite QuoteThe meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed. -Carl Jung
Other Organizations: Wu Shu Collegiate Team (2007 – 2008)
Positions Held: Rush Chair (Spring 2008); Alumnae Chair (Spring 2008)

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