Chi Class

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#63 Joy “EStéLLise” Wang
Crossed: Spring 2014
Status: Alumna
Major: English, Media Studies 2017
Ethnicity: Chinese
Big: Christine “AubRée” Kim Lambda Phi
Little: Dao “AuRistéLLe” Chaikulgnamdee Lambda Alpha Alpha
Favorite Quote“I guess when you smile it’s just joy coming out of you.” -Tom Hiddleston
Other Organizations: Chinese Student Association, PAFN, Inkstone, Madison House
Positions Held: Rush Chair (Fall 2014); MGC Liaison (Fall 2014); Secretary (Spring – Fall 2015); PEA (Spring 2015); Philanthropy (Spring – Fall 2015, Spring 2016); Alumnae Chair (Fall 2015); President (Spring – Fall 2016); Community Service Chair (Spring 2016); Cultural/Educational Chair (Fall 2016), Social Chair (Fall 2016), Webmistress (Fall 2016-Spring 2017), Council Representative (Spring 2017)

#65 Kangkang “Iluvitar” Li

Crossed: Spring 2014
Status: Alumna
Major: Commerce 2016
Ethnicity: Chinese
Big: Queena “Aliarae” Jin Lambda Phi
Little: Rosie “EtaRóna” Gao Lambda Alpha Alpha
Favorite Quote: “If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.”
Other Organizations: Enactus, Smart Women Securities
Positions Held: Academic Chair (Fall 2014); Community Service Chair (Fall 2014); Treasurer (Spring – Fall 2015), Fundraising Chair (Spring 2015)

“Cosmic Chis”

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