Charter Class

#02 Susan “Libertine” Tiedemann
Crossed: Fall 2001
Status: Alumna
Major: French, Art 2003
Ethnicity: Korean-American
Big: Sandy “Meriot” Vien Eta Charter
: Nicole “Cielo” Michael Xi Charter
Julie “Ntrinsik” Tran Tau Charter
Godsister: Bridget “Solstice” Maxwell Alpha Eta

#03 Sophia “Kinetic” Ni
Crossed: Fall 2001
Status: Alumna
Major: International Relations, East Asian Studies 2003
Ethnicity: Chinese-American
Big: Daphoung “Risqué” Nguyen Theta Charter
Littles: Grace “Io” Lee Lambda Alpha
Mizuki “GLOW” Asano Rho Charter
Godsister: Christina “Celestial” Lui Beta Eta
Wisdom: “Many people have wondered how I accomplished so much already in so little time. My answer to them – Sigma. I enrolled in UVA hoping to accomplish something great and life changing. I wanted to leave a legacy behind. By starting Sigma Psi Zeta at UVA, I cultivated my leadership, professionalism, and activism and this has transferred into my life as a proud alumna today. I have gathered everything I experienced and learned as a Sigma and applied it to the ‘real world.’
Awards: First “Infinity Award” Recipient (2003), “Most Active Undergraduate Sister” Award (2003), “Psi Sister Award” Nominee (2006), “Psi Sister Award” Recipient (2008)

#04 Ting Ting “Aiyana” Zhu
Crossed: Fall 2001
Status: Alumna
Major: Studio Art, Pre-Med 2003
Ethnicity: Chinese-American
Big: Ann “Fuse” Tran Kappa Charter
Littles: Vi “Bezel” Nguyen Lambda Beta
Godsister: Jeannette “Fenix” Moy Iota Charter

#05 SungHee “Serendipity” Kim
Crossed: Fall 2001
Status: Alumna
Major: Biology 2003
Ethnicity: Korean
Big: Ling “Mist” Xu Beta Lambda
Littles: Katie “Asta” Hsu Lambda Beta
Natalie “Keona” Park Lambda Beta
Linda “Lumiére” Lim Rho Charter
Godsister: Yu Chu “Altima” Veng Beta Zeta

#06 Michelle “Agaze” Chen
Crossed: Fall 2001
Status: Alumna
Major: Economics, Psychology 2003
Ethnicity: Taiwanese
Big: Virginia “Piglet” Kam Beta Theta
Littles: Cindy “Rhea” Yu Lambda Alpha
Angela “Zinnia” Yeo Lambda Beta
Godsister: Cheryl “Nova” Eng Beta Eta
Wisdom: “The best part about being in a sorority is this invisible bond you have with the sisters. No matter how long you’ve been away, or how long you haven’t seen each other, you feel like you belong to something big. You meet all kinds of people, and you get to go places and do things you might not get the chance to do under normal circumstances. It exposes you to a different world. Like everything else you encounter in life, it can’t always be happy and pleasant, but it’s those obstacles that make you a better person. I can’t imagine what college would’ve been like had I not pledged. I think it helped me grow up and understand people better, so I’m grateful for all those things.

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