Introducing our Lambda Alpha Zeta class of Spring 2018


The Lambda Chapter of Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority, Inc. is honored to introduce our newest class, the Alpha Zeta Zeniths!

#91: Yaru “Anápta” Li | big: #88 Meg “Andreía” Stewart

#93: Ashley “Ipheriia” Ontiri big: #90 Amy “Brinea” Zhao

#94: Thyra “Corsynthéa” Jensenbig: #82 Sarah “Séchora” Chu

#95: Kayla “Iremía” Coverston | big: #88 Meg “Andreía” Stewart

#96: Selena “Isagimera” Huang | big: #84 Grace “Bellora” Feng

#97: Becky “CALoreDA” Zhong | big: #89 Anne Katherine “LegaDA” Brooks

A big thank you and congratulations to our PE #80 Anna “Kyliésa” DiNucci and PEA #71 Wendy “AriaDA” Wu, for their hard work in raising such a wonderful class. We are proud and excited to welcome them to our sisterhood as well as UVA Greek life! <3

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