Domestic Violence Awareness Month (A Month in Review)


As we move into November, our sisters would like to say thank you for joining us for our Domestic Violence Awareness Month programming!

To recap:
We tabled and passed out fact sheets and purple ribbons to students.

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And we were able to host two self defense workshops this month! One was led by the UVA Police Department, and the other was led by instructors from Charlottesville Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

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We also collaborated with the UVA Women’s Center on the Clothesline Project, in which DV survivors find healing through artistic expression, and the Red Flag Campaign, which seeks to draw attention to “red flag” behaviors exhibited in relationships.


unnamed (5)

And to conclude our programming, we invited Claire Kaplan, director of the Gender Violence and Social Change program at the Women’s Center, to speak on unhealthy relationships and how certain red flag behaviors may manifest into a larger pattern.

unnamed (6)

It was a very busy and successful month, and we are grateful to everyone who could come out and support us!
Special thanks to the Cavalier Daily for writing about our events! Check out the article here!

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