Congratulations to our Absolutely Angelic Alpha Alpha Class!

AA Crossing Flyer

The Lambda Chapter at UVA is proud to announce our newest members:

#70 Dao “AuRistéLLe” Chaikulngamdee (Big: Joy “EStéLLise” Wang)
#71 Wendy “AriaDA” Wu (Big: Catherine “VibraDA” Fu)
#72 Judy “Issoula” Pan (Big: Winnie “Paeolis” Yang)
#73 Rosie “EtaRóna” Gao (Big: Kangkang “Iluvitar” Li)

We are blown away by your strength, determination, and beautiful personalities, and are so excited to welcome you to our wonderful SYZterhood <3 We know that you will all accomplish great things in the future!

A big congratulations to Yujin “Chunsa” Cho and Joy “EStéLLise” Wang for all your hard work and persistence!

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