#Sigmagram: Spring 2015 Rush

Monday 1/19
★ [GIM+Cultural] #MondayBlues ★
Mondays got you feeling blue? Come enjoy a delicious meal of Curry and Pad Thai while learning about what makes Sigma Psi Zeta the best sisterhood!
Location: Runk Green Room

Tuesday 1/20
★ [Community Service] #TuesdayTreats ★
Give back to the community by writing letters of empowerment to the women at the local women’s shelter while treating yourself to yummy dumplings and bubble tea!
Location: Runk Green Room

Wednesday 1/21
★ [Educational] #WorkoutWednesday ★
Join the sisters for a fun evening of kickboxing!
Location: AFC MP4 (6-7PM)

Thursday 1/22
★[GIM] #SigmaSpaNight ★
Join the sisters for a night of nail art and henna while enjoying delicious chocolate fondue treats!
Location: Runk Green Room

Remember to be eligible for a bid you must attend 1 GIM and 2 other events! Email us at syzlambda@gmail.com if you have any questions!

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