VOICES 2013 Wrap-up

The south meeting room was packed with trivia enthusiasts!

Thank you to everyone who came to participate! You all helped make VOICES 2013 a great success! (: In total 16 teams participated for $450 cash prizes! We appreciate you sticking with us until the end, despite the small hiccups we had. We also hope you learned a lot about Asian culture and had a lot of fun!

Team Jose, our 1st place winners! Spend that $250 wisely~ Unfortunately their 3rd team member had to leave before we could take a picture of them all.
Team Shrugs came in 2nd place, netting them a wonderful $150!
The Cronies came in 3rd place, going home with the $50 prize!
Team Llamas with Hats tied for 4th along with 4A1W, good job guys!
4A1W and Llamas with Hats lost 3rd place by just 1 point, so close!